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A Quick and Fun Way to Decorate for your Favorite Holidays!
Advertising on windows and doors has always helped marketers get their messages noticed, and now you have more options than ever! Non-adhesive Static Clings are non-adhesive vinyl prints that adhere to glass using static electricity. Light adhesive Window Decals are full-color prints with a light adhesive that holds securely, but can be easily removed. Both Static Clings and Window Decals can be made from any design. For more information, call toll-free 866-323-0700.
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Holiday Designs  
Holiday Designs Santa Designs Christmas Trees
Holiday Gifts Pet Photos with Santa Breakfast with Santa
Santa will return clocks Holiday Décor Matching Design Series

Decals or Statics

Set of five 14" $39.95
Set of five 22" $89.95

Set of five 30" $169.95

Matches these designs:

Spunky Gift
Spunky Elf
Spunky Sleigh
NEW! HL244G Spunky Gift
NEW! HL244E Spunky Elf
NEW! HL244S Spunky Sleigh

PLAYFUL BULBS Decals or Statics

Matches Design #HL207!Halloween Trio
HL207 Playful Bulbs

Set of four 23" bulbs $119.99
Set of four 15" bulbs

HOLIDAY IMAGES Decals or Statics

Matches Design #HL162!Halloween Trio
HL162 Holiday Squares

Set of two small 15" x 22" Gifts $36.00
Set of two large 24" x 36" Gifts $96.00

Small 26" x 29" Santa $42.00
Large 43" x 46" Santa $110.00
Small 29" x 46" Tree $74.00
Large 47" x 74" Santa $195.00

HOLIDAY BLAST Decals or Statics

Matches Design #HL006!Halloween Trio
HL006 Holiday Blast

Set of two 23" bulbs $44.50
Set of three 17" stars $36.25

Set of two 17" bulbs $36.25
Set of three 12" stars $27.50


Matches Design #HL100!Halloween Trio
HL100 Homebaked Goodies

Set of four small (average 24") $69.95
Individual small (about 24" high) $19.95

Set of four large (average 36") $149.95
Individual large (about 36" high) $39.95

STYLISH BULBS Decals or Statics

Matches Design #HL150!Halloween Trio
HL150 Stylish Bulbs Green Red version also available!

Set of six bulbs (2 each of 14", 18" and 24") $97.95

Decals or Statics

Set of three 17" $36.25
Set of four 13" $28.35

Set of five 10" $20.95

Matches these designs:

Halloween Trio
Halloween Trio
HL104R Snowstripe Red
HL094 Little Santa
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