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Holiday Design Archive
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Bulb Patterns
HA063 Shadow Cat
Bulb Patterns
Christmas Chill
Poinsettia Glimmer
HL273 Holly Red Light
HL141 Fun Bulbs
HL279 Ornament Twist
HL254P Simple Penguin
HL254F Simple Snowman
Red Holly
Holiday Highlights Holly Border
Trick-or-Treat Kids
Santa Snack
HL160 Red Holly
HL016 Holiday Highlights
HL045 Holly Border
HL138 Ornate Bulb
HL057 Santa Snack
Santa Hype
Holiday Trio
Jingle Bells
Garland Decor Violet
Garland Decor Red
HL116 Snowbodies
Holiday Trio HL070
HL026B Jingle Bells other color versions available
HL156V Garland Decor Violet
HL156R Garland Decor Red
Santa Hype
Santa Hype
Santa Hype
Santa Hype
HL177M Patterned Snowman
HL122 Ornamental
HL202B Blue and Silver
HL202R Red and Gold
NEW! HL213 Tartan Holly
Santa Hype
Santa Hype
Frosty Santa
Santa Hype
Santa Hype
HL169 Santa Dreams
HL169W Elf Dreams
HL131 Frosty Santa Coordinating designs available
HL164B Festive Decor
HL163 Christmas Candles
Little Snowy
Merry Collage
Merry Collage
Holiday Cookie
Halloween Trio
HL094F Little Snowy
Holiday Cookie HL027
NEW! HL201 Wreath Wash Matching Designs here
Santa Hype
Santa Hype
Santa Hype
Santa Hype
Santa Hype
HL166 Holiday Jewel
HL175 Cookiefest
HL179 Holly Wreath
HL192 Christmas Bear
HL193 Split Tree
Bigcut Bulb
Holiday Candle
Holiday Images
Merry Collage
Bigcut Stocking
HL001 Bigcut Bulb see the Matching Design Set
Holiday Candle HL029
HL051 Holiday Images
HL071 Merry Collage
Bigcut Stocking HL004 Coordinating designs available
Stylish Bulbs Green
Stylish Bulbs Red
Alpine Holiday Big Ornament
Finishing Touch
HL150G Stylish Bulbs Green HL150R Stylish Bulbs Red
Alpine Holiday HL015
Big Ornament HL044
HL152 Finishing Touch
Green Holly
Santa Hype
Decked Roof
Holiday Red
Trick-or-Treat Kids
HL159 Green Holly
HL215 Snowy Holiday
HL151 Decked Roof
HL157R Holiday Red
HL157G Holiday Green
Snowstripe Green Snowstripe Green Snowstripe Green
Toys Design
Holiday Late Nite
HL104G Snowstripe Green See the whole series here!
HL104R Snowstripe Red See the whole series here!
HL104V Snowstripe Violet See the whole series here!
HL069 Toys
HL107 Holiday Late Nite
Noel Band Rich Holiday Festive Things Snow Patch
Merry Collage
HL111 Noel Band
HL039 Rich Holiday
HL068 Festive Things Matching Designs here
HL059 Snow Patch
HL078 Festive Bulbs
Holiday Post Color Bulbs Velvet Candles Decorations Santa Bear Hi
HL065 Holiday Post
Color Bulbs HL087
Velvet Candles HL018
Decorations HL037
Santa Bear Hi HL034A available as triple stack
Tree Trimmings
Holiday Boughs
Santa Hype
Jingle Jumble
Tree Trimmings HL033
HL005 Holiday Boughs
HL162 Holiday Squares Matching Designs here
HL007 String of Lights
HL073 Jingle Jumble
Magic Lights
Merry Collage
Santa Hype
Holiday Moment
HL287 Magic Lights
HL242 Holiday Lights Happy see more Lights designs here!
HL199 Banner Bulbs
HL239 Holiday Moment
Poinsettia Glimmer
Golden Holly
Santa Hype
Bulb Patterns
Bulb Patterns
HL253 Poinsettia Glimmer
HL263 Golden Holly
HL221 Holiday Glimmer
HL268R Bulb Patterns Red
HL268B Bulb Patterns Blue
Santa Hype
Santa Hype
Holiday Contours
Creative Decor
HL204A Cutout Bulbs
HL204B Cutout Bulbs Red
HL250 Hollyfest
HL229 Holiday Contours
HL238 Creative Decor
Christmas Chill
Holly & Berries
HL237 Poinsettia Punch
HL256 Christmas Chill
HL222 Holly & Berries
HL237 Poinsettia Punch


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